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First Light, Second Wind?

Tempting….We’ll see. We are in a good position. Tomorrow Sami Kuoppamäki will come around for the first time and the plan is to get as many songs properly demoed as possible. With Kuoppis, “demo” is a relative term, there will probably be quite a few keepers, it depends more on the technical quality than musicianship…Very excited!

The songs are pretty much “there”. Teijo sung and played keys brilliantly once again, Samu did the first round of basses and we have a new recruit as well, Pekka Nyman, who plays percussion. The percussions this time are the melodic kind, marimba, clockenspiel and vibes. Such a nice addition!

Pepa Päivinen came around and we checked wind and brass parts with him. There will be more of that as well compared to First Light.

So…We’re getting there!