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  1. Hello,
    We are « La Filière Progressive », a radio program in Québec, Canada. …. We are near Montréal.
    We heard a lot about your CD :Second Wind pt.1 and First flight
    We would like to play your material, but we don’t have a copy of your CD.
    Can you send us a digital download (MP3,320) link or copy or promo copy.
    It will be a great pleasure for me to broadcast and promote your music.
    Progressivement vôtre
    Réjean Charbonneau
    Recherchiste et critique

    Sorry for my english!

    N.B. All our “La Filiere Progressive” programs are available all around the world via Internet.

    Send to: Réjean Charbonneau
    315 Barthe Sorel-Tracy
    Québec Canada
    J3P 7R8

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